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Our Approach

We welcome the opportunity to help you or your loved one to the road to recovery. Choosing our
treatment center is an important first step towards helping our clients overcome addiction and maintain
a new, healthy lifestyle. We teach our clients that they are NOT what they did, but they are valued,
special people created with a purpose in life.

Faith Recovery Treatment Center (FRTC) combines structured individual and group addiction activities and services in a holistic in-patient setting for individuals who are seeking recovery. Our Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) is a non-profit treatment center of structured group and individual sessions that are designed to help participants in early recovery. Our treatment philosophy incorporates elements of relapse prevention, behavioral therapy and family approaches. 

The program is offered 6 hours a day (9 AM – 3 PM), 5 days per week (Monday-Friday) (ASAM Level II.1) and also offers Monday, Wednesday and Friday's evening classes.( 7 PM - 9 PM)

FRTC’s SAIOP offers hope to individuals suffering from the devastating consequences of substance abuse and spiritually supports them through the steps of recovery. At FRTC, we address the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being of the individual who is experiencing problems with addiction.

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