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The Primary Mission of Faith Recovery Treatment Center is to

To Set People Free


What is Faith Recovery Treatment Center?

Faith Recovery Treatment Center is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) faith based substance abuse treatment center that is dedicated to providing men and women who are battling drug, alcohol or any type of addiction with the tools for a successful life of sobriety and recovery. It is our primary goal to help our clients get sober and stay sober. At FRTC, we believe in order for one to change, the mind must change first. Our approach to recovery emphasizes the renewal of the mind.


We welcome the opportunity to help you or your loved one to the road to recovery. Choosing our treatment center is an important first step towards helping our clients overcome addiction and maintain a new, healthy lifestyle. We teach our clients that they are NOT what they did, but they are valued, special people created with a purpose in life.

At Faith Recovery Treatment Center, our successful treatment program includes a focus on holistic health and a multi-disciplinary approach. Our clients can depend on us for:


  • Addiction treatment

  • Relapse prevention

  • Spiritual awakening/development and guidance

  • Family counseling

  • Support meetings

  • Holistic life skills

  • Career guidance and development

  • A place of refuge and peace

Faith Recovery Treatment Center is an in-patient, faith-based residential program that provides services to individuals who suffer from any kind of addiction. Our program provides a safe haven for our clients, while helping them regain their lives back through the power, spirit and faith in God, along with the fellowship of their peers.We believe as our clients come to us broken and seeking a new way of life, they will leave standing for God and for their new life, ready to “turn right and keep straight”. FRTC is dedicated to enabling our clients complete healing through love and the power of God.

Faith Recovery Treatment Center is dedicated to showing our clients how to get clean and stay clean, remain focused and become productive people in our society. Our underlying mission here at FRTC is teaching our clients that faith in God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

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